Wild West Music Fest

Welcome to the home of Rabbit Hole LLC, producers of the Des Moines Wild West “Family Fun” Fest. The Wild West Fest is an interactive western themed entertainment event featuring stage shows and costumed actors portraying some of the most famous (and infamous) characters from the Old West.

Typical entertainment offerings include:

  1. Gunslingers on horseback.

  2. Theatrical sharp shooting contests.

  3. “High Noon” shootouts in the streets.

  4. Fistfights and saloon brawls.

  5. Deputizing of children to help arrest the bad guys.

  6. Old time medicine show (Snake Oil!).

  7. And much more!

Interact with the sheriff, the town drunk, the school teacher, or even the saloon girls. There’s something fun for all ages! And best of all, we can bring the fun to your town to enhance your event!

Interested? Check this site later in the year for more details!

In 2007, we produced the “Wild West Music Fest” show at Festival Park in Des Moines, Iowa (at Sleepy Hollow Sports Park).

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